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A Statement It is the desire of the author to promote Black & White Photography especially in the Philippines.  The author believes that a complete photographer is one that was able to create an image from the click from the camera all the way to exhibiting the photograph. 


The site Dino Lara's Black & White Photography is an internet site intended to showcase the portfolio of the author.  All photos were shot using black & white medium.  Some photos were hand painted by the author.   There were no digital manipulation except some adjustment on contrast in some photos to compensate the softness generated by the flatbed scanners.


Some awards This site was chosen by Tripod's Photography Pod as the best photography site.  The site was featured in the front page of Photography Pod from April 25 to May 16, 1998.  It is the sixth site that was given such recognition.

Additionally, the site was also chosen as site of the day by Filipinolinks Tanikalang Ginto last May 17, 1998.


The author Dino Lara is an amateur photographer.  He's also an amateur web designer.  However, he is a full-time professional working in one of the telecommunications company in the Philippines.

The author also shoot in color.  The color portfolio can be found in other sites.


The Photos All photos are originally taken using black & white film and printed using traditional darkroom techniques.  The print was then scanned using a flatbed scanner.  Later, it may not be necessary to print the photos when the author already acquired a film scanner.    
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